Ooh, so pretty. Show me more images..

We currently have 3 booths of two different styles.

Beach Hut Booth by name, Beach Hut Booth by nature. Our most popular booth style is our traditional enclosed style booth. Lovingly named Samantha and Nadine (All our booths have names!!)

The booth measures 1.5m x1.5m internally and is comfortable for 2-6 people but we have had up to 12 people in there before.
The booths come in either blue or white exteriors.

We have a wide choice of backdrops to choose from along with a customised print layout tailored to you and your event.

Please note that with our enclosed booths the images are taken in landscape format. If portrait style images are preferable then why not check out our Dorothy booth below.

The newest and arguably most stylish member of our booth family is Dorothy. She is an open air booth, perfect for all you selfie loving, exhibitionist types.

Painstakingly designed and built by a master cabinet maker, you will never see another one like Dorothy. Perfect for smaller or more intimate venues or if you would prefer not to have such an imposing structure as with our enclosed booth. That said, we have a special, larger red booth enclosure that Dorothy feels right at home in if you would like the best of both worlds.

Dorothy retains all the same trickery as her sisters but takes images in portrait format. You still have a wide range of back drop choices, specifically chosen for her. Custom prints are standard too.

All of our booth packages come with a bumper box of silly props and our hand-picked, dedicated booth buddy, present throughout the booth session to ensure everything runs smoothly and your guests enjoy their photobooth experience.